DIY spare parts

Download page for drawings and 3D data in order to produce your own spare parts by means of 3D printing, machining or other manufacturing technologies

The drawings are available in PDF format

while the 3D data is stored in a ZIP-file, containing 3 different formats:

  • STEP 214 (.stp)
  • STL (.stl)
  • Parasolid (.x_t)

other formats may be available upon request.


The provided data and manufacturing documents below may be downloaded free of charge by anyone interested in using them for personal purpose.

The data were created based on measurements on old (sometimes even broken) parts to the best of my knowledge and belief. Any feedback on errors, suggestions for improvement and corrections are always very welcome (please use the contact form).

However, I do not assume any guarantees and liability for the correctness and accuracy of fit, stability or strength of the parts.
In particular, also not concerning any approval requirements, conformity claims or fulfilment of safety regulations whatsoever.

The production and use of the parts and in particular their possible commercial use or trade with these parts are at your own risk.

Socket Gasket for Vitaloni Mirror

Hood Scoop

Drawing (pdf)
3D model (STEP, STL and Parasolid)

Seat Belt Hinge Cover

Drawing (pdf)
3D model (STEP, STL and Parasolid)

License Plate Light Frame

Drawing (pdf)
3D model (STEP, STL and Parasolid)

Ignition Wire Clip

Drawing (pdf)
3D model (STEP, STL and Parasolid)

Sunroof Handle Trim

Sunshade Clip

Hub Cap

Drawing (pdf)
3D model (STEP, STL and Parasolid)
and Labels (PNG)
If you prefer the badge in colour, get this one (.eps)

Alfa Romeo Badge.eps

Seat Pad

Drawing (pdf)
3D model (STEP, STL and Parasolid)

Door Handle Trim

Armrest Trim Panels

Windscreen Wiper Grommet

Door Lock Knob

Terminal Box Cover

Interior Light Trim

Door Panel Bezel & Plug

Distributor Cover

Rear Window Knob

Seat Release Button